Use a Computer at Lincoln Library

How to use one of Lincoln Library’s computers:

Resources offered on the computers

  • Library catalog—no signup needed. Catalog computers are on every floor.
  • Internet and Microsoft Office programs—registration required for a minimum of 30 minutes and up to two hours per day. Microsoft Office 2010 is currently used at Lincoln Library.
  • Youth Services has computers with limited Internet and Microsoft Office that are limited to age 17 and younger.
  • Word processing computers with no Internet are on the second floor of the library. Ask for permission to use at the Periodicals desk.

Register for an Internet or Microsoft Office computer

  • Stop by the Circulation desk at the main library.
  • Show your library card or ID to be entered into the computer registration system.
  • As of 1/1/2010, all library accounts must be clear of fees prior to reserving a computer.
  • Use the reservation computer near the Readers' Services desk to reserve a computer. Directions are available by the computer. Be sure to choose which type of computer you need. Ask for help at the Readers' Services or Circulation desk if needed.
  • If you are assigned to a computer, you must go to the computer and sign on within five minutes.
  • If you are put on the waiting list, go to the second floor and wait by the 'Waiting list' computer by the public computer area. When your barcode shows a computer assignment, go to the computer within five minutes and sign on.

Wi-Fi at Lincoln Library

It's easy! Just bring in your wireless-enabled device to the library. If you need to plug in your laptop, there is seating by outlets along the west walls of the second floor.

Click here to view the Internet Use Policy.