Student eCards

Lincoln Library and Springfield School District 186 have partnered to provide FREE eCards to all K-12 students who live within District 186 boundaries. Students will be given free access to eResources like online homework tutoring, eBooks, eAudiobooks, research tools, language learning software, and much more. Students will be able to access these materials on any device or computer at school and home with an internet connection. Since the materials are all digital, there will be no late fees.

The program will be available for District 186 students in the fall of 2017, and will roll out for private school and homeschool students within the 186 boundaries at a later time. Administrators of private schools and homeschools are encouraged to contact the library for more information.

Parents and Guardians who have questions or concerns about the program are encouraged to discuss them with library staff, but can choose to opt out of eCard availability for their students. If you DO NOT want your student to receive a free eCard, please download and complete the Opt Out Form and return it to your child's school office.

Have questions about Student eCards? Call the Access Services Manager at 217-753-4900 x5611.


Using your Student eCard

Once students have received an eCard library number, they can follow the directions below to access materials:


Student eCard FAQs

  • Who can have a Student eCard?
    • Any student in grades K-12, living within the geographical boundaries of District 186, and enrolled in a public or private school, or homeschooled. If the student is not enrolled in a District school he/she must be at least 5 years old but no older than 19 years old.
  • Do I have to pay for a Student eCard?
    • There are no charges to get a Student eCard. There are no fines/fees charged for electronic resources.
  • How do I sign up for a Student eCard?
    • Students attending a District 186 school are automatically signed up unless their parent/guardian signs an opt-out form at registration. Private schools and homeschoolers are encouraged to contact Lincoln Library to get their students eCards.
  • What if I move into District 186 during the school year?
    • If a student moves into District 186 during the school year it may take a couple of weeks for their eCard account to be created. The student and parent/guardian may visit the library to expedite the process if they wish.
  • Where do I get my Student eCard?
    • Student eCards are virtual cards so no physical card will be given. Lincoln Library will create an account for the student which will allow the student access to the online resources.
  • What can I do with a Student eCard?
    • Students will be able to access most of Lincoln Library’s electronic resources from school or from home. These resources include Brainfuse homework help, research databases, Rosetta Stone language learning, eBooks, and other digital resources. Students will not be able to check out physical material at the library unless their account is upgraded to a standard library card account.
  • What if I want to check out physical materials, too?
    • The student can visit the library with his/her parent or legal guardian to upgrade the Student eCard to a standard library card. Any associated fines/fees for physical materials will apply. If the student lives outside of Lincoln Library’s service area the annual Non-Resident fee will apply.
  • Does my student eCard expire?
    • Yes. Student eCard accounts are valid from August 1 to July 31 each year. If a student registers for the following school year the card will automatically be renewed. If a student graduates or moves out of the geographical boundaries of District 186 the eCard account will expire.
  • Can my student eCard be used at other libraries?
    • No. The Student eCard account only allows access to Lincoln Library’s electronic resources and cannot be used at any other library.
  • What if I already have a standard Lincoln Library card?
    • If your standard Lincoln Library card is expired the account will be updated to a Student eCard. If the standard Lincoln Library card is active (not expired) there will be no change.
  • What if I have fines/fees on my active Lincoln Library card?
    • Fines/fees already accrued on an active account will not be waived, but the student will still have access to Lincoln Library’s electronic resources (excluding OverDrive, Axis360 and Hoopla, which have a $50 fine/fee limit). If the student wants to check out physical materials the fines/fees will need to be paid below the block limit.
  • Can teachers or parents get an eCard?
    • This program is only for students. Adults may apply for a standard Lincoln Library card in person or an eCard online. If the adult lives in Lincoln Library’s service area (Capital Township) the standard card or eCard is free. For those living in a non-resident area of Springfield the annual fee would apply. Any adult living in a different library district needs to use their home library’s electronic resources but may apply for a reciprocal account with Lincoln Library to use our physical resources.