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Storytelling - January 26, 2019

As always the purpose of SAME Fest is to assist in bringing cultural awareness and understanding to our community because while we’re all different, the bases of us all are the same. Since each culture has so much to share and we have a limited space and time each year we have a different theme to highlight different parts. In 2019 the theme is Storytelling.

In order for this affair to be a success, we need the public’s help! We are in search of community members that would like to represent their various geographical cultures and native countries.

Types of ways to be involved:

  • PERFORMANCES: If you have a family story, folklore, mythology, quilts, poem, song, or any expression of Storytelling that tells of your native culture and would like to share.
  • TABLES: These volunteers would assist in educating interested individuals about the unique, as well as similar, aspects of their ethos. Each group would be provided with a table that can be decorated with information, fabrics, photographs, etc. from the specific area represented in theme with this year’s event and basic information.

If you are interested in becoming involved with SAME Fest please contact us by emailing